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Indianapolis, IN




Avondale Meadows Health and Wellness Center

The Avondale Meadows Heath and Wellness Center is a major component of a comprehensive community revitalization project in Indianapolis.  The new center will house a YMCA and a wellness clinic and will create outdoor recreation facilities accessible to the adjacent school and surrounding community.  The redevelopment of this area will turn a barren and neglected site into a vibrant, safe and environmentally sustainable place.

Christian Theological Seminary Spiritual Trail

The Spiritual Trail is inspired by the journey of life. The trail experience is designed to reflect the path we all travel, from the rough and tumble adventures of youth to the refined appreciation of simple pleasures that comes to us with age. Water features are incorporated into the design of the Spiritual Trail as an aesthetic representation of the stream of life and also to create an important link between the site and the White River and Canal below. Features of the plan include a new breezeway access to the east, a tree-lined courtyard, a custom designed water feature with seating wall, tree -lined paths, a ravine bridge experience, a wildflower meadow, a groundlevel labyrinth, and trail connectivity to nearby trail networks and existing infrastructure.

Eagle Creek Watershed Graphics

Green3 was hired by the Center for Earth and Environmental Science at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis to create a series of educational graphics that depict best practices for stormwater management and water quality protection on a range of landscape types from rural agriculture to urban commercial. A small group of technical experts, regional stakeholders and a local watershed alliance partnered with Green3 to develop the project. The final product is a suite of twenty-five images in digital format that can be easily manipulated to show before and after conditions. The high-quality graphic series has been used extensively for outreach in Indiana and has since gone on to be used nationwide.

Fountain Square Revitalization

Green3 led the renovation of Fountain Square with the restoration of the iconic historic fountain and the redesign of the streetscape and intersection.  Green3 wrote grants, led planning efforts and public meetings, and worked on a team to design green infrastructure features such as planted forebays, an upgraded streetscape, and a new fountain. New bumpouts and crosswalks made the square safer and more pedestrian-friendly. This project paralleled, and was a key component of, the re-emergence of Fountain Square as one of Indianapolis’s premier cultural districts. This represents an ideal project outcome in which the planning process acts as a catalyst for broad community engagement, and the result is not only physical improvement, but also the emergence of a community’s cultural and economic renaissance.

Eel River Run & Stonewall Park

The connectivity plan prepared for Logansport by Green3 set the stage for multiple projects to be developed simultaneously. A public funding strategy was develaped by Green3, and the firm spearheaded the grant writing effort. Extensive public outreach to determine if the preliminary plans met the expectations and needs of the public followed the initial groundwork, and Logansport has now built an enviable set of community amenities and trails, including a pedestrian bridge over the Eel River that connects the Eel River Run trail to another trail system and other park sites. A comprehensive system of signage and custom site amenities provides a one-of-a-kind sense of place. A unique and dramatic metal sculpture graces an engaging new trailhead, and the trail system provides a river experience formerly missing in downtown Logansport.

Newburgh Downtown Plan & Trail

Green3 has worked on a number of projects for the Town of Newburgh over the past six years and continues to provide planning and design services for the Town on an ongoing basis. Past work has included the planning and design of a trail system along the Ohio River, conversion of a downtown gas station into a beautiful park-like trailhead, restoration of a historic bridge for pedestrian use, development of a business strategy and communication plan, creation of a gateway and district development plan, creation of interpretive and wayfinding signage, and a wide variety of landscape plans and other unique projects. The town has used Green3’s plans to establish a long-term path to community beautification and expand local recreation and tourism destinations and activities. Green3 has worked closely with town officials and stakeholders in order to develop a clear strategic direction and shared expectations.

Framework for Our Future

Northwest Michigan Council of Governments (NWMCOG) hired Green3 to help six different communities visualize their future. A series of workshops was held in each community at which Green3 facilitated duscussion and idea mapping to help community members describe their needs and desires. The descriptions provided a framework for Green3 to prepare graphic illustrations of each community as they envisioned it. Illustrations ranged from birds eye views to detailed perspectives that showed infill development, trails and sidewalks, landscaping, roadway improvements, signage, ornamental lighting, etc. The final graphics are a key feature of the Framework for Our Future portion of NWMCOG’s Grand Vision Plan.

Ohio River Bridges East End Submittal

In 2012 Green3 participated in the Ohio River Mobility Group (ORMG)submittal for the East End project, which included CSS design as a priority element. Our plans included innovative drainage features using materials salvaged from the construction process, stream bank restoration, and native landscape planning for six different landscape types. Green3’s role also included the design of aesthetic treatments for the project’s signature tunnel, one of the project’s bridges, as well as noise walls and retaining walls. The ORMG proposal was the highest-rated technical proposal among the four short listed teams.