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1104 Prospect St.
Indianapolis, IN




Prequalified by the Indiana Dept. of Transportation for the following work:

  • 5.9 - Archaeological Investigations
  • 5.10 - Historical/Architecture Investigations                            
  • 15.1 - Public Participation Facilitation
  • 15.1 - Bicycle/Pedestrian Trail Planning & Design
  • 15.1 - Landscape Architecture
  • 5.1 - Environmental Document Preparation - EA/ES
  • 5.2 - Environmental Document Preparation - CE
  • 5.3 - Environmental Document Preparation - Section 4(f)
  • 5.4 - Ecological Surveys
  • 5.5 - Wetland Mitigation



At Green3 we use plants to paint the landscape in the same way an artist uses paint on a canvas. Our goal is always to highlight the natural beauty and biodiversity unique to every place and to compliment that with plants that add color, texture, and vibrancy to a space. We are equally as comfortable designing large landscapes with wide swaths of prairie grasses and wildflowers as we are designing small, intimate spaces with turf and ornamental shrubs. Our professional knowledge of native and ornamental plants and the growing conditions needed to make them thrive allow us to create sustainable landscapes that are long-lived and easy to maintain. The gardens and grounds we design provide beautiful entrys into and pathways through new developments or appropriate settings for restored historic structures. As landscape architects, this is what we do, and we do it well.

NEPA Environmental / Section 106 Documentation

The National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA) requires that all projects with federal funding evaluate the impacts of the project on the environment. The firm’s technical writers are NEPA certified by FHWA and hold Qualified Professional status with the Indiana State Historic Preservation Office. Green3 handles all aspects of the production of environmental documents, including public hearing certification.
Green3 is prequalified with the Indiana Department of Transportation to prepare environmental documents including Categorical Exclusions, Environmental Assessments, Environmental Impact Statements, 4f Evaluations, and Above Ground Historic Resource Assessments.


Green3 has a track record of producing plans that promote action and generate results. We help communities protect, rejuvenate, and create great places by focusing on what can be accomplished with limited resources. Using a strategy of “Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper” (LQC), we match the right plan to the right people, in the right place, at the right time,and to produce the right results. Some plans focus on defining a vision to guide future growth and development. Others offer detailed guidelines and budget recommendations for phased construction over time. Green3 develops plans that protect local authenticity and capitalize on local assets, opportunities, and energy to bring about positive change as quickly as possible. Whether the challenge is to envision the revitalization of an entire community, to develop a regional connection plan for bicycles and pedestrians, or to create a network of community gardens on vacant property in urban centers, Green3 can provide the planning expertise needed to create success.

Grant Writing

Green3 was founded not just to build “other people’s projects” but to make worthwhile projects happen. Money is often the key to making things happen and as a result grant writing has become one of Green3’s strengths Grants written by Green3 have yielded millions of dollars in funding for all types of projects for all kinds of clients. The firm’s grant writers are familiar with the eligibility requirements and preferred project types for a wide range of public and private grant programs. We are skilled at matching the right project with the right funding source making it easier for our clients to compete successfully for grant funds. We can handle all aspects of the grant application and administration process or we can help our clients by simply providing technical review of their grant proposals. Green3’s experience with grant writing has raised millions of dollars for trail construction, bridge rehabilitations, and community revitalization initiatives, among other projects, and continues to bring funds to communities for important projects.

Public Outreach

Working with the public and keeping them updated on decisions and progress is often the most important part of a project. The staff of Green3 has built a reputation for honesty, integrity, and results when it comes to moving projects through the public input process. Knowing how to work with people to achieve consensus is one of Green3’s great strengths. This strength, paired with our genuine desire to educate and inform the public about their environment and changes to it, has produced amazing results for our clients. Green3 staff have experience soliciting public input in a wide variety of formats – public surveys, focus groups, open-house style meetings, public hearings, etc. We are skilled at facilitating constructive input between individuals and among large groups and at directing dialogues away from conflict and toward consensus. Green3 is comfortable working with all types of groups and sectors of the community. Whether the audience is a small group of adjacent property owners or an auditorium full of community activists, we are happy to lead discussions and moderate question-and-answer sessions. Similarly, Green3 has had great success producing written and graphic information to update and educate the public about topics before, during, and after a project is completed. We often design posters, flyers, websites, brochures, and even in-depth educational programs to help bolster the public’s understanding and acceptance of a particular project or program.